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Not much in English here unfortunately. But check also My thesis in anthropology - review by Unni Wikan and my anthropology blog

June 24, 2012

Review of “The Human Economy: A Citizen’s Guide”

Published in Museum Anthropology Review Vol 5, No 1-2 (2011)

Our world is in a condition similar to France before the French Revolution. For how else can one describe a situation where a socially exclusive minority controls an impoverished mass?

July 1, 2006

Cosmopolitanism and anthropology

Published in Anthropology Today, august 2006

Association of Social Anthropologists Diamond Jubilee Conference, Keele University, 10-13 April 2006

Why is it so difficult for anthropologists to take sides and express their opinions? Why are conference papers read instead of being presented in an engaging way? I returned from the ASA conference ‘Cosmopolitanism and Anthropology’ at Keele University with many questions.

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